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Updated July 2017 - The 2017 revisions to these Design Standards and Construction Specifications were prepared by City staff with input from consultant engineers with experiences in public works construction.Changes since the 2007 edition are shown in bold type.. At certain times and for certain matters, it may become necessary for an authorized representative of the City of Franklin to assume.

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City of Phoenix Water Services Department. DESIGN STANDARDS MANUAL FOR WATER AND WASTEWATER SYSTEMS January 30, 2013 Water Services Department. minimum of cover is 5- feet, or 4-feet with 2-inches of insulation. 5. all sewers (gravity sewer/force main) shall have detectable all sewers (gravity sewer/force main) shall have detectable underground utility marking tape and all public sewers shall have tracer wire in accordance with district standards. 6. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - Lateral Cleanout sheet 0100 Backfill and Cover for Concrete Culverts with Spans Less than or Equal to 3 Works with 3" and 4" male sewer cleanout plugs, 3" and 4" female sewer cleanout plugs and slotted or flush sewer plugs a municipal sewer line) 69 Sewer Clean-out (SC-01) EA 69 Sewer Clean-out (SC-01) EA. SECTION 12 – FORCE MAIN SEWER LINES ... STANDARD DETAILS ... Sanitary Sewer Cleanout..... 150 Back Flow Valve Assembly ..... 151 Concrete Water Stop for Gravity Sewer Line ..... 152 . 5 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - SEWER LINE ADDITIONS. S302. Types of Sewers and Line Extension Requirements S300-1 S303. Design Period S300-1 S304. Design Factors S300-1 S305. Details of Design and Construction S300-2 S306. Gravity Sewer Pipe S300-3 S307. Slope S300-3 S308. Increasing Size S300-4 S309. Sewer Lines through Golf Courses S300-4 S310. Sanitary Sewer Force Mains S300-4 S311. details departments of public works county of'kauai city and county of honolulu county of maul ., county of hawaii -of the state of hawaii / for public wo. rks ... d-52 support for drain and sewer pipes across trenches • • • ·-.. county of kauai iv standard contents city & county of honolulu details county of maul. 38s typical force main gate valve setting and cut-in detail . 39s force main air release valve & vault outside of road right-of-way, non traffic areas . 40s force main air release valve and manhole in paved areas and road right-of way . 41s mechanical thrust restraint - minimum pipe lengths (force mains) 42s typical thrust blocks for pressure.

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the sewer lateral from the house to the sewer main. 6. if cover of 1 foot cannot be achieved, install a "mushroom" or popper backwater overflow device in place of cleanout box. approved pipe materials, see table 1 dco located behind back of sidewalk, see detail ss-3. see note 4 on ss-1 for placing dco with space constraints. two-way cleanout. DUCO-007 - Clean Out Detail ... DUCO-012 - Doghouse Manhole Installation Over Existing Sewer Main IV. Drop Manholes ... DUCO-014 - Air Release Valve Installation for Sewer Force Mains. Author: Monzingo, Elyssa Created Date: 5/8/2020 1:25:07 PM. Sign #1: Multiple backed-up drains. Check the following water fixtures: Toilets. Sinks. Bathtubs. Showers. If more than one drain is slow moving, gurgling, smells bad or has water backing up, you most likely have a main sewer clog. You see, your home's drain lines carry wastewater away from your home and are designed like a tree—the. detail for sewer force mains date by descripiion revisions -il-ioih descripiion date town of lillington public works 4" scale drawing sewer service connection with clean out detail (new installation) by . 6" high (min.) chain link fence transfer switch. • eff. thick stone. . inside. fence. on 12' wide (min.) double swing gate electrical panel. eccentric cone detail 5. sewer dwg no. drop manhole 6. sewer dwg no. 6, force main into gravity sewer service detail 7. sewer dwg no. 7, inside drop connection for existing manhole 8. sewer dwg no. 8, manhole flow channels 9. sewer dwg no. 9, double service sanitary sewer 10. sewer dwg no. 10, service clean-out 11. sewer dwg no. 11, clean-out.

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3.7. new service/water and sewer main extensions/developer agreements ... s-12 grade adjustment detail s-13 cleanout frame & cover in paved area s-14 standard manhole section - precast base ... s-42 force main or low pressure sewer connection to manhole.

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sewer force main 4'-6" 2'-6" s-8rrh 1-21-00 dhl 6-18-08 standard main marker for sewer force mains in easements notes: 1. plastic marker shall be green in color. 2. markers shall be labeled "raleigh sewer" 3. to be spaced every 300 feet on each side of any roadway or junction. 4. markers shall be round 4" in diameter. TWA-05 Sanitary Sewer Lateral TWA-06 Sanitary Cleanout TWA-07 Standard Manhole TWA-08 Miscellaneous Manhole TWA-09 Inside Drop or Force Main Connection to Manhole TWA-10 Sand and Mud Trap TWA-11 Oil Interceptor TWA-12 Grease Interceptor TWA-13 Sampling Station TWA-14 Typical Pipe Trench Section. Sewer Laterals & Clean Outs. A sewer lateral is the pipe that carries the wastewater from the house to the sewer main line in the street. Every building receiving sewer service from Redwood City has a sewer lateral. It is divided into the "upper" lateral and "lower" lateral.The lower lateral is from the property line to the sewer main and is maintained by the City.

SM200 for bedding detail. This must be included in improvement plans. ... Where a sewer force main crosses above a water line, the sewer main shall be encased in at least 6 inches of ... A main line cleanout is acceptable at the end of sewer mains where the pipeline segment is two hundred feet (200’) or less in the length and the pipeline.

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300-6 Plastic Manhole Step Detail 300-7 Standard Clean-Out Detail 300-8A Sanitary Sewer ARV and Vent Vaults Detail 300-8B Sanitary Sewer ARV Detail ... D. Air relief valves shall be installed on the high point of all sanitary sewer force mains in accordance with Details 300-8A, 8B, and 8C. CITY OF THORNTON - Standards and Specifications. Storm Sewer Details. List Description. ... 02082-07 Corrosion Resistant Manhole for Force Main Discharge; 02082-08 Precast Concrete Manhole with Cast-In-Place Base; ... 02534-04 Service Reconnection on New or Replacement Sewer; 02534-05 Standard Cleanout Detail on. ss-6.1sewer main or lateral repair section ss-6.2service lateral saddle connection ss-6.3service lateral to existing sewer main ss-6.4service lateral to manhole ss-6.5sanitary sewer service clean out (2 sheets) ss-6.6standard clean out ring and cover manholes ss-7.0standard precast manhole ss-7.1flexible manhole sleeve ss-7.2standard manhole.

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Standard Detail for Concrete Encasement, for a length as directed by the City Engineer. Water services shall be installed in a PVC, SDR 80 casing where indicated on the plans. Where water mains and sewer lines cross, sewer pipe joints shall be equidistant from the intersection and as far from water main joints as possible. 4.

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Laterals must be 6” pipe from the main sewer line to the first cleanout at a minimum 1% slope. The lateral connecting the building/unit to the first 6" cleanout on owner's property must be of sufficient size to handle the intended flow. Sewer service lateral cleanouts shall be installed at the edge of public road right-of-way or County. Force main refers to all sanitary sewer lines that operate using force derived from pumps or compressors that help keep the wastewater moving through them. Usually, the optimal force in a sewer drainage system is gravity. As wastewater moves from homes or buildings into the sewer network, gravity lines require no additional power systems to.

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2.2.3 Cleanouts A. The sewer cleanouts shall be minimum 6-inch diameter or sized to match the service pipe, whichever is greater. The cleanouts shall be stubbed and capped flush to surface grade, or if in a paved area, a 6” cleanout cover and frame, nominal 12” diameter, by the General Engineering Company with “Sewer”.

san-24 typical cleanout riser san-25 tracer wire detail san-26 saddle connection to cipp lined pipe ... 1. standard sanitary sewer drawings (san-prefix, cont'd) san-28 sewer pipe trench san-29 force main trench san-30 concrete thrust block san-31 air valve vault. iii 2. standard storm sewer drawings (ss-prefix) ss-1 junction box. sewer main 6" min. 6" min. detail "a" force main connection manhole wall cut and bend channel type 316 ss u-bolt, nut, and washers 5/8" x 4" type 316 ss wedge anchor with ... clean-out box with round cover marked "s"(typ) (see detail ww-09) concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of 2,500 psi at 28 days.

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Temporary Cleanouts 6.57 -Not Used- 6.58 . Pumping Stations 6.58A . Service Connection Installation 6.59 . Cleaning and Flushing 6.60 . Notification to City of Nanaimo 6.61 . Leakage Testing of Gravity Sewers 6.62 . Testing of Force Mains 6.63 . Video Inspecting Mains and Service Connections 6.64 . Smoke Testing 6.65 . Testing of Pumping.

The mathematical model uses the key elements of cost for both gravity and low-pressure sewer (LPS) systems to construct an estimate of overall cost for each alternative. Discussed herein are the most significant cost factors for each type of sewer system, the basis for the model's data and some preliminary results. Search: Sewer Cleanout Cover Box. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more The purpose of the donut is to displace the weight of a vehicle or lawn mowers tire Detail Number Description They’re often covered with a plastic box or a concrete slab for protection and a better appearance Many home sewer.

Search: Sewer Cleanout Cover Box. all pvc pipe shall be pressure rated Installed 140’ of sewer main lines with new cleanouts, and risers & covers Since cleanouts aren't required frequently, your own may be covered by shrubs, underbrush or turf Valve boxes shall not be located in roadways or driveways Storm Sewer Manhole Type "B" - Non-Circular Walls Storm Sewer. concrete pad detail sewer sewer cleanout cover sewer unpaved areas drawing number town of dartmouth department of public works engineering division date of issue low pressure forcemain ... sewer clean out box w/ cover. threaded brass or galv. steel cap. typ. concrete thrust block at all bends.

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standard details 12s 11s 13s 14s 15s 16s 17s 85s 40s consultant: ... force main dip shall be ceramic epoxy lined. approved material list. potable water and reclaimed water mains dip shall. ... clean out is to be installed per department standards prior to water meter installation. wastewater main wye branch to match main pipe material. Lawson's Fork 42" Force Main Pigging. Weston & Sampson worked together with Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District to design a 42" Force Main Pig Launch at Lawson's Fork Pump Station & Retrieval at Fairforest Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Our design included a permanent pig launching station to launch swabs and pigs into the 42" force.

Recommended for you. As far as cleanouts go, your forcemain should be designed to provide a minimum velocity of 2.5 fps. This is done in order for the flow to scour out the pipe on each pump. Cleanouts are not typically installed. I've designed forcemains with lengths of 30,000 feet. As long as the velocity is sufficient, you should not have.

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SD2080 Force Main Cleanout Details SD2090* Detail of Clay Ditch Check SD2095* Suggested Details for Pipe Protection for Pipes Crossing Streams with No Overburden * For ... sewer system extensions, including pumping stations, shall become the property of the County. The Owner/Developer shall work with an Engineer experienced in pumping. Sanitary Sewer Clean-Out 15-13 1 will be measured and paid per each. No measurement or payment 2 of service lines will be made. 3 Payment will be made under: Pay Item Pay Unit __" Sanitary Gravity Sewer Linear Foot __" Force Main Sewer Linear Foot Sanitary Sewer Clean-Out Each 4 SECTION 1525 5 UTILITY MANHOLES 6 1525-1 DESCRIPTION.

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House Connection Details SEW-04 Sewer Anchorage in Slopes Greater Than 20% SEW-05 Force Main Discharge SEW-06 INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK SEW-07 Clay Dam Detail (Sheets 1 & 2) SEW-08 Vacuum Test (ASTM C 1244) for Concrete Sewer Manholes SEW-09 Sewer Cleanout Earth Sewer Cleanout Pavement Pressure Service Connection SEW-10. Show a plan and profile of the force main, including the following: a. Flow velocity in the force main must be a minimum of 2.0 feet per second. b. For effluent force mains, show how they will drain, either to the lift station or to the receiving manhole. c. If the force main will not drain, specify a burial depth in accordance with the. One of the best things about cast iron pipe is that it is incredibly strong. A four-inch diameter sewer pipe can withstand well over two tons of pressure per linear foot. By contrast, clay, ABS, and PVC pipe are all subject to breakage. Cast-iron sewer pipe is heavy and difficult for a do-it-yourselfer to cut.

Where a low spot cannot be avoided, a cleanout chamber shall be installed, in accordance with specifications similarly to be detailed. 3) Force Mains shall be separated from potable water lines according to the standards set forth in the design criteria for gravity sewer mains. 4) Minimum pipe diameter for force mains shall be 4 inches. o Liner requirements for manholes near wet wells with sewer force main entry. • 7.3 - GRAVITY SEWER MATERIALS o No 90-degree fittings. • 7.6 - GRAVITY SEWER FIELD TESTING ... • S-1 - GRAVITY SEWER DETAIL SHEET o Clarified cleanout detail to call out fittings and set a tee-wye minimum angle. o Added note about 90-degreen fittings.

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Sewer & Water 24-hour Emergency Contact, please call (302) 855-7379. The information contained on this web site deals with water and sewer systems operated by the Sussex County Council. Sussex County operates several sewer districts and one water district. Many of the cities and towns in Sussex County operate their own water and sewer systems. New Castle County Government Center 87 Read’s Way New Castle, DE 19720 Phone: 302-395-5555.

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the sewer lateral from the house to the sewer main. 6. if cover of 1 foot cannot be achieved, install a "mushroom" or popper backwater overflow device in place of cleanout box. approved pipe materials, see table 1 dco located behind back of sidewalk, see detail ss-3. see note 4 on ss-1 for placing dco with space constraints. two-way cleanout. S-4B Force Main Tie-In To Manhole: PDF: DWG: S-5 Rubber Boot and Precast Joint Connection Detail: PDF: DWG: S-6 Sewer Lateral Detail : PDF: DWG: S-7 Cleanout Detail : PDF: DWG: S-8 Sanitary Sewer Crossing Detail : PDF: DWG: S-9A Type “A” Precast Manhole : PDF: DWG: S-9B Manhole Ring & Cover Detail : PDF: DWG: S-9C Manhole Adjustment Details.

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If you need sewer cleanout service in Little Rock Air Force Base we can help. If your home or commercial property has sewage issues, our pros can help. Why Us: Professional and Reliable Sewer Cleanout Service Experts Fast Response Time Sewer and Water Main Service SEWAGE REMOVAL AND CLEAN UP DRYING, SANITIZING AND ODOR CONTROL RESTORATION.

Manhole and Temporary Cleanout Lid Markers 6 We have owned the home for 7 years and this is the first time we are pumping it (it was done right before we moved in) Other Pole and Pipe Coverings a 7-4c-30 standard precast 48" sewer manholes (11/07) 7-4c-31 standard precast 60" & 72" sewer manholes (11/07) 7-4c-40 4-way manhole base (11/07) 7-4c-41 90° manhole base camera channel detail.

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Index of Standard Details. Please note: November 1, 2004 is the revision date for all documents unless otherwise noted. ... Reaction Blocking Water and Sanitary Sewer Force Main Facilities (PDF) August 11, 2014: CA-2: Concrete Anchors (Crest Anchors) (PDF) August 11, 2014: CA-3: ... Typical Water or Sewer Main Location within Town Right-of-Way. Refer to updated Detail 11 15: Standard Water Service From a 2" PVC Water Main: Water: 16: Depth and Intensity Duration Frequency Tables 17: Concrete Pipe Anchor 18: Force Main Manifold Device: Sewer: 19: Standard Sanitary Lateral Clean-Out for 4" and 6" Pipes: Sewer: 20: Standard Sanitary Lateral Clean-Out for 8" Pipes and Larger: Sewer: 21. WW-12 Sewer Clean-out Detail - Non Paved Areas 01/2014 WW-13 Force Main Air Release Valve Detail 01/2015 WW-15 Typical Flow Line Channels Detail 04/2006 WW-16 Double Sewer Clean-out Detail 05/2009 WW-17 Telemetry Antenna.

WI-02 Water, Recycled Water and Sewer Main Perpendicular Separations (12-31-2003) WI-03 Water, Recycled Water and Sewer Main Parallel and Perpendicular Separation Notes (11-23-2011) WI-04 Post Meter Constant Pressure Recycled Water Line 75mm (3") Diameter or Less Crossing Potable Water Main or Lateral within Public Right-of-Way (03-01-2001). energy for wastewater conveyance in force mains. The key elements of force mains are: 1. Pipe. 2. Valves. 3. Pressure surge control devices. 4. Force main cleaning system. Force mains are constructed from various materials and come in a wide range of diameters. Wastewater quality governs the selection of the most suitable pipe material. SS-06 Sanitary sewer manhole adjustment. SS-07 Sanitary sewer manhole invert shaping. SS-18 Force main connection to HRSD force main. WD-09 Temporary manifold for testing & chlorination. WD-13 Water Sampling Station. Norfolk Standard Border and Notes – Drawing Templates. G-01 Cover Sheet. G-02 Index Sheet. C-03 General Notes Sheet.

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city of fernley index to standard details for public works construction detail id number detail title category 100 lpss main in-line valve sanitary sewer 101 force main - siphon break at property line sanitary sewer 102 force main - siphon break at manhole sanitary sewer 103 sewer/storm drain crossing water main sanitary sewer 104-122 detail ids reserved for future use sanitary sewer. In previously sewered communities a new pressure sewer design will be affected by the present condition and capacity of the existing system. For example, an existing sewer with excess capacity may be the logical receptor of the pressure sewer wastewater discharge, while an existing sewer without available capacity would suggest study of alternative.

4.16 Sewer Force Main Abandonment 61 . 4.17 Sewer Service Lateral Abandonment 62 . 4.18 Sewer ManholeAbandonment 63 . SECTION 5 - WORK COMMON TO WATER AND SEWER LINE CONSTRUCTION ... sewer lines, and appurtenances shown in the drawings and described in the contract documents. The Contractor shall perform all work in accordance with the lines.

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sewer main plan l. riser and cleanout plug shall be same diameter as sewer lateral. 2. cleanout shall be placed inside a standard cleanout box (see s-3, ... detail plan notes: 1. riser and cleanout plug shall be same diameter as ... cleanout - sewer force main chairperson ace 645 sds-109 . created date: 7/29/2004 12:57:49 pm. Storm Sewer Details. List Description. ... 02082-07 Corrosion Resistant Manhole for Force Main Discharge; 02082-08 Precast Concrete Manhole with Cast-In-Place Base; ... 02534-04 Service Reconnection on New or Replacement Sewer; 02534-05 Standard Cleanout Detail on.

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Revised: Detail Number: SEWER - 01. Operations Division CASING DETAILS (PIPE BORE) Adopted : 01/13/2008 Approved: Revised: Detail Number: SEWER - 10 ... Operations Division SEWER FORCE MAIN THRUST BLOCK DETAIL Adopted : 01/13/2008 Approved: Revised: Detail Number: SEWER -17.

502 - Drop Manhole Detail 503 - Sewer Service Line Types A & B 504 - Sewer Service Line Type C (Preferred) 505 - Oil/Water Separator 506 - Sewer Clean-Out Detail 507 - Force Main Isolation Valve. STORM DRAINAGE - 600. 601 - Typical Grassy Swale with Drywell 602 - Type 1 Catch Basin and Grate. at force main discharge manholes. 91 433.9 cleanouts Allow SDR 35 PVC cleanouts per MAG Detail 441. 92 433.10.3 sewer service connections Remove tee and connection option. 94 502 Update Business Development contact information 94 504.1 Change "record mylar" to "record PDF" in line with previously posted addendum.

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14.05 Low-Pressure Sewer Clean-Out Box 14.06 Low-Pressure Sewer Individual Grinder Pump System 14.07 Low-Pressure Sewer Clean-Out at End of Main 15.01 Pipe Installation 15.02 Pipe Bedding 15.03 Creek Crossing Non-Elevated Pipe 15.04 Creek Crossing On Steel H-Piles 15.05 Pipe Depth Cut and Fill Slope Conditions 15.06 Boring Encasement.

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5) For water main crossings refer to Brunswick County's Water and Sewer Crossings Standard Details and comply with all DEQ / PWSS / DWQ / NCAC rules on water and sewer main crossings. f) Low pressure sewer service laterals shall be: 1) (1.5) inch for residential, or (2.0) inch for commercial, AWWA C901, SDR-. S-10 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Composite Bolt Cover and Frame. S-11 Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole. S-12 Dog House Manhole. S-13 Manhole In Undeveloped Areas. S-14 Sanitary Sewer Force Main Valve and Valve Box. S-15 Manhole Internal Drop Fixture. S-16 Manhole External Drop Fixture. S-17 Manhole Vent. S-18 Manhole Abandonment.

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s-01 bedding detail - gravity pipe s-02 force main crossing s-03 gravity main crossing s-04 grease trap detail s-05 manhole - cover and frame s-06 manhole - drop s-07 manhole - flat top s-08 manhole - force main control s-09 manhole - standard s-10 sewer service double s-11 sewer service - single s-12 pump.

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In previously sewered communities a new pressure sewer design will be affected by the present condition and capacity of the existing system. For example, an existing sewer with excess capacity may be the logical receptor of the pressure sewer wastewater discharge, while an existing sewer without available capacity would suggest study of alternative. Standard Details 1. Right-of-way Restoration 2. Pavement Restoration 3. Concrete Encasement 4. Pipe Cradle in Casings 5. Lateral Connection 6. Lateral Connection Riser 7. Lateral Connection Riser with Concrete Encasement 8. Typical Low-Pressure Lateral Connection to Low-Pressure Main or Force Main 9. Standard Lateral or Service Line Cleanout 10.

County Standard Sanitary Sewer Details that are applicable to the type of project. This checklist ... DUCO-008 – Sanitary Sewer Traffic Bearing Cleanout DUCO-009 – Sanitary Sewer Lateral ... DUCO-014 – Air Release Valve Installation for Sewer Force Mains. Author:. LP-7 In-Line Cleanout/Valve Pit for Low Pressure Sewer Main LP-8 Curb Stop and Box Detail LP-9 New Installation Grinder Pump Connection LP-10 In-Line Terminal Cleanout for Low Pressure Main FORCE MAIN DETAILS (FM ) FM-1 Air Release Valve and Chamber FM-2 Flushing/Cleanout Chamber (T erminal) FM-3 Forcemain Locator Assembly.

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CORBEL DETAIL BOOT CONNECTION DETAIL JOINT DETAIL Agru Sure Grip Liner Details 56. ... Terminal Cleanout Port and Main Line Valve Low Pressure Sewer Cleanout Port with Valve 74. Low Pressure Force Main into Manhole Connection 75. DWELLING UNIT GARAGE PLAN VIEW GARAGE AREA. existing sewer force main lcwsa detail. 11 1/4. o brass corporation stop and pack joint coupling nut solid cmu note: ... cleanout cleanout way line sewer main 4" or 6" service connection nominal slope 2.00% right-of-way line or property line pi-an length of authority service lateral.
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